It is an intense and strong massage. It stimulates the body and helps it in proper functioning. It relieves pain, supports tissue nutrition, regulates muscle tension, increases muscle flexibility, boosts metabolism and activates the blood and lymph flow.



30 minutes - PLN 90
45 minutes - PLN 130
60 minutes - PLN 170


A delicate massage the main objective of which is to improve the psycho-somatic state of the person being massaged by relaxing the body and mind and relieving the effects of stress and fatigue in the body.

30 minutes - PLN 75
45 minutes - PLN 110
60 minutes - PLN 145


Aromatherapeutic massage uses the benefits of essential oils. It is one of the most pleasant relaxing methods ensuring biological renewal of the body. The whole body massage relaxes and reduces tension.

The massage in the relaxing version: 

30 minutes - PLN 85
45 minutes - PLN 130
60 minutes - PLN 165


Massage in the traditional version:

30 minutes - PLN 100
45 minutes - PLN 150
60 minutes - PLN 190


Nourishing relaxing massage on warm coconut oil. Subtle scent of coconut will put anyone in good mood, provide relaxation and energy. Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial oils for the skin. It is indispensable for dry and chapped skin.

Massage in the relaxing version:

30 minutes - PLN 85
45 minutes - PLN 130
60 minutes - PLN 165


Massage in the traditional version:

30 minutes - PLN 100
45 minutes - PLN 150
60 miniutes - PLN 190


Massage with the use of warm aromatherapeutic candle makes the skin moisturised, smooth and velvety to the touch. It soothes sensitive skin and improves its condition. Massage with aromatherapeutic candle provides instant relaxation and the warmth and scent of oils activates all of the senses.

The massage in the relaxing version:

30 minutes - PLN 90
60 minutes - PLN 180 zł


The massage in the traditional version: 

30 minutes - PLN 105
60 minutes -PLN 205


Chocolate is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium as well as theobromine and caffeine. These substances boost blood circulation in the skin, bind water and smooth skin surface. Sweet and hot chocolate massage instantly puts us into good mood, relaxes us and gives us positive outlook on life.

60 minutes - PLN 180


This massage helps you to fight stress, it calms you down and deeply relaxes. The massage is performed with the use of warm smooth stones of varied sizes. The warmth of the stones improves the blood circulation, relieves the tension in the muscles and cleanses the organism.

30 minutes - PLN 100
60 minutes - PLN 180


Intensive anti-cellulite massage. It boosts the circulation of blood and lymph, it helps the body to get rid of excessive metabolism products and toxins. Thanks to the increased metabolism, the fat tissue is reduced and the cellulite symptoms less prominent. Contraindications to perform the Chinese cupping massage are, among others, varicose veins, inflammation of the skin, skin diseases, bruises, swellings, scratches, abrasions and tendencies to haematoma.

30 minutes - PLN 75
60 minutes - PLN 145


Argan oil is a youth elixir of strong effect, especially recommended for mature and ageing skin, it protects against premature wrinkle formation.

20 minutes - PLN 60


Feet massage is a very pleasant experience that allows you to relax. It also has a beneficial influence on the health.

20 minutes - PLN 50


  • When purchasing the massage only, without the use of Thermal Baths, please be aware that additional PLN 15 will be charged for the use of cloakroom, towels and shower. This option is possible only in case of massages. Hammam treatments, baths and treatments in steam baths are performed in special parlours located in Roman Baths, which is associated with the purchase of guess pass.
  • We do not stop the time of stay in the Baths during massage, treatments and baths.
  • 30-minute massages cover the massage of the lower limbs and of the back. 45 and 60-minute massages are whole-body massages. 
  • Additionally, at your request, a majority of massages can be performed by two massagers. More information at the Wellness & SPA reception desk.

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