Argan oil massage strengthens the skin and makes it more elastic. It ensures protection against the external environment, it nourishes and smooths. During the treatment we use a strongly regenerating mask.

45 minutes - PLN 120


This treatment entails chocolate preparation and algae-chocolate mask. The massage will improve the blood circulation and firmness of the skin, while the cocoa butter will nourish it and improve its colour.

45 minutes - PLN 120



Treatment consisting in biological peel and fruit mask. Deeply nourishes and illuminates.

45 minutes - PLN 100


The most complex of all of our treatments. It entails both enzyme peel, argan oil massage and algae anti-ageing mask. For mature skin with first signs of skin ageing.

60 minutes -PLN 140


  • When purchasing the massage only, without the use of Thermal Baths, please be aware that additional PLN 15 will be charged for the use of cloakroom, towels and shower. This option is possible only in case of massages. Hammam treatments, baths and treatments in steam baths are performed in special parlours located in Roman Baths, which is associated with the purchase of guess pass.
  • We do not stop the time of stay in the Baths during massage, treatments and baths.

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Every Monday is a “Textile Day”

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